Worth More Nation

Empowering Youth Impacted by Foster Care To Know Their Worth
  •  Miss Worth More Nation Pageant for Girls in Foster Care
  • Queens Crowning Queens National Mentoring Program
  • Worth More Nation Modeling Club
  • Fostering Care on the Runway
  • Fancy Frocks Special Occasion Closets - FruFru is our Specialty
  •  Plus Our Annual Giving Events and Holiday Gift Drive!


Founder and Director Sandy Arena, second from left, poses with her family including, from left, Caleb, Sam, Clyde, Claudia, John, Alexis and Annaliese. Twins Clyde and Claudia joined their family after 9 years of temporary placements with them. In this picture, they are celebrating the anniversary of the day the twins finally came home to live with them for good which was March 23, 2017.  We started Worth More Nation as a family project as a way to reach more girls impacted by foster care and to empower kids to know they are Worth More! We have hosted three pageants in the past year and a half for girls in foster care crowning approximately 25 girls as Miss Worth More Nation. Many of these girls have gone on to participate in other pageants and have made Worth More Nation their community platform. We have also distributed approximately 100 special occasion dresses through our closet to girls impacted by foster care, and hosted one fashion show featuring designs made of trash bags to send the message of dignity and NO MORE TRASH BAGS for children who are taken from their homes abruptly often throwing their belongings in trash bags. Thank you to the upstate New York Community and national pageant community for helping us with our projects and for enabling girls whose lives have been filled with trauma - no fault their own - to find their beauty and worth.

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