A Few Heartfelt Moments From Our Last Miss Worth More Nation Pageant
For Girls Impacted by Foster Care 2019!

Empowering Youth Impacted by Foster Care to Know
They Are Worth More


Worth More Nation Events & Initiatives Include:

Miss Worth More Nation Pageant for
Girls in Foster Care
(Also for Girls Adopted Through Foster Care, Girls Who Grew Up in Foster Care,
and Siblings Who Are in Families Who Foster)

Fostering Care on the Runway
Fostering Care on the Runway Fashion Event
featuring models impacted by foster care
and the designers who love them.

Special Occasion
Wear for Girls in Foster Care
To Use for Special Events, Proms and Pageants Featuring Dresses Donated
from Our National Pageant Community!


Pageant Memories from August 2018​

We Turned Trash Bags to Tutus and Superman Capes for Our Fashion Show Under the Stars to Send the Message of #NoMoreTrashBags!

Miss Worth More Nation Pageant for Girls in Foster Care - Coming Soon!

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Join us for an all day workshop for girls in foster care, girls adopted through foster care, girls who grew up in foster care, or siblings in families who foster - ages 6 to 24 - who will learn onstage pageantry, public speaking and presentation skills while gaining confidence to know they are WORTH MORE. Girls will wear gowns donated from around the country and will participate in an exciting opening number dance routine.  Our day of growing in skills and confidence will culminate with a pageant showcase where our participants will demonstrate what they have learned and will be crowned Miss Worth More Nation Queens! Each girl receives a crown, gown, appearance dress, banner and Worth More Nation t-shirt!
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